National Guard protects the Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco June 28-29, 2003

Wow, what a walk! I really think much of it was about hiking those famous San Francisco hills. We really went up and down some big ones on both days. I love to challenge myself to see if I can pace myself with steady steps. I can't always walk and talk at the same time up the hills, but I certainly respect the singing girls who entertained us for part of the walk with their harmonies!

We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge 2 times--once in the morning cold and fog and then again in the afternoon wind and fog! However, there was sun in between all of that. We walked through Sausalito, Mill Valley and Tiburon. They were charming cities to walk through and the shopping looked really good; however, that was not a priority!

I walked with Andrea, from Rancho Cucamonga, most of the time. This was her 2nd of 3 Avon walks that she is doing this season. My daughter, Ronda, and Chris, her husband, and Bob were all there to support me. What a joy! I am so lucky!

I am typing this part on Mon. evening, because I wanted to report how my body was feeling after 24 hours. My feet feel really fine--which always amazes me. I actually wrapped all of the correct toes so as not to blister. Wouldn't you think they would behave the same way after 22 events---but, no, they don't! And I am delighted that there are no blisters that have to heal before Portland.

My hips and knees are not too bad, considering they took a beating. They might still be under the influence of medication, which is a good thing. Tomorrow will be the real test, if I can walk down our staircase in the morning.

Thanks to all of the people who came up to me to introduce themselves and share their stories with me. I am in awe of the numbers of wonderful people I have met on this incredible and unbelievable adventure.

San Jose Police and Pajama Girl support the walkers