11/7-9, 2003 San Francisco

Bob and I arrived late on Thursday night and therefore I missed the excitement of registration and meeting others. I was very welcomed at the hotel by a group of Hotties (I am an honorary Hottie!) and Pretty Woman Guy and Mrs. Pretty Woman. That felt especially good after a really looooong day. Late registration was at 4:30 am on Fri morning--I was anxious to get going as I always am on day one. Friday was a 20-mile day. I think we kind of looped around San Mateo and ended just a few miles from where we started at Bay Meadows. It rained on/off, but I had already decided not to "tent it" because of the weather predictions (rain all weekend). The walkers camped at Coyote Point Park. Bob put up his hot pink signs. Because of the rain possibilities I wore my yellow "sloggers". I have seen these rain shoes at all the walks around the country but I had never worn mine. So I put them on Fri and wore them all weekend--being totally prepared for rain (even when the sun was shining). I had no idea those yellow boots would receive so much attention. For 3 days people commented on the yellow boots--maybe they were much too wild for an "older woman" to wear, but I had thought that since I was going to wear them I might pick the "funner" color (instead of black). Anyway, the sloggers actually seemed to provide more padding under my feet and shoes and my feet did not feel nearly as "beat up" after 3 days of walking. Interesting!

I spent a lot of time taking my rain clothes on/off. It became quite a procedure getting in and out of the jacket and/or pants, which make me feel like I am in a sauna if it is not raining because of the "non-breathing" fabric! Oh, my gosh, I sound like I am whining and the rule is that you can't whine! I think I am really just stating some factual information! Right?!

The last walking hour on Fri it poured and right after I finished on Sat it poured. The organizers had already determined that it would be too wet to camp on Sat and had made arrangements to camp indoors at Bay Meadows Racetrack. So at the end of day 2 in Daly City everyone was bussed back to where we had started. We had dinner with everyone and they were all setting up their sleeping bags in a giant area that was probably a huge sleepover! Then we went to the hotel.

Sun morning we went back for breakfast and Bob drove me to Daly City where we had ended our walk the day before--so I could continue the walk and he went about his signage job! There was a magnificent view of the SF skyline on this route. I hope those pictures come out (meaning that my pictures aren't always wonderful!)

I liked the fact that the first day was the longest and the following days were a couple of miles shorter (rather than longer). It helps me psychologically to have mileage decrease that way!

Bob and I left immediately after closing ceremonies, at which time they announced that they had raised almost 4million dollars. I made a quick change of clothing in the rental car rest room, which I now have done more than a few times.

Thanks to all of the new people that I met and spoke with these last 3 days. You enriched each moment that I spent with you. Special thanks to my "old friends" that I have met in various cities for coming up to me and "reminding" me which city and which walk--you continue to enrich my life.

Off to the LA 3 Day in 3 days.

Another great event; and another great challenge to this body.

Please note the rain gear! 
Walking towards San Franscisco.