Susan Heaney (director of the Avon Crusade) makes a real fashion statement!!
Portland--July 12-13


How to begin this entry--sweet and bittersweetó

I walked this walk in memory of my mother, Dixie Hendricks, who passed away on 7-9-03 with dementia. The funeral was Friday morning and I had decided to continue with my commitment to walk in Portland. During opening ceremonies I acknowledged that I was doing this walk in her memory. I placed a black ribbon on my banner to honor her memory and felt that she was close to me every moment.

Sandy and I were interviewed by KABC radio on Saturday live from the walk at 8:30 am. I don't think I have ever had a live radio interview and I was nervous and excited about it. The show was called the Satellite Sisters and they gave us an honorary sister award for what we are doing for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. It was particularly fun when my friend called from Pasadena to say she heard the interview!

The weather was warm and clear most of the 2 days. On day one we walked through lots of great residential areas. The second day we walked most of the day in the State Forest, which was great. We walked along the river and the waterfront district and arrived back in downtown Portland for closing ceremonies.

Chris and Bob made this trip with me. They were my "angels" and they put up Team Teresa signs all along the route to support all of the walkers. "I love you guys"

Again, what is starting to amaze me are the amounts of people when come up to me and remind me of when we met last year or at other events this year. That is just so special.

I want to let you know that it really makes me smile when people write to me after visiting this website (hint-hint!).

I thought there was a 6-week break before the L.A. walk but it is really 8 weeks. So I will actually have to be doing some long training walks in between. On to my home walk---Los Angeles!

Portland river trail