I wear this banner to thank and honor my supporters.
This is my 'Team Teresa' jacket.
San Diego with Belle
San Diego-Day 2 with Janie
San Diego-Bob cheering me 

up with a big sign

The San Diego Team Teresa

at the finish

Dallas-Day 0 at the stockyards
Dallas with Mary Jane, tent-mate


Dallas with Nancy Kinard
Dallas in the rain
Closing ceremony at SMU in Dallas
Miami with Carolyn from Ontario, California
D.C. with Sue and Deb
D.C. with Misty and Jennifer
D.C. closing with Deb
Boston-day 2 in my snow gear
Boston-Bob at the finish
A member of the Michigan safety crew

Thank you Michigan for

the community support

Michigan-With two fellow walkers at the finish
Chicago Chicago-Cheering for the great crew
All the Chicago Walkers
Chicago-Jeff and Ronda at the finish
Chicago-Don, the Welch's, Bob and Ronda in camp day two
SF-Thank you San Jose PD!!

SF-The Golden Gate Bridge...Through

the fog, from the Presidio.

SF-Holding area with a group of


SF-Day 2...How many people does

it take to set up a tent in the wind?

Colorado-The walk begins with the Rocky Mountains in the background
Colorado-A TV interview at opening ceremonies
Colorado-Opening ceremonies in Boulder Colorado-Closing ceremonies at Invesco Field
Seattle-Opening of walk in Enumclaw Seattle-Yes I stay in a tent.
Seattle-Dealing bracelets on the trail
Seattle-Italian theme for lunch stops
Seattle-In memory of Teresa
Seattle-Finishing at the space needle

August 24-I finally meet Bridgit, whose

family met me in D.C., Boston and Michigan.

(see my S.D. and Michigan journals)

Training on our new freeway.
Here I come!!!
Atlanta-Selling bracelets while fixing my blisters.
Who knew there were hills in Atlanta?
Most of Team Teresa at the end of the walk.
Lest we forget who we are.
Signage is a very scientific art.
Jim Belushi entertains the troops Saturday night.
Walking in Memory of Teresa Villa.