LA—Breast Cancer 3 Day 11/13-11/15/03

There is definitely something special about the LA walk--probably because it has always been my "home walk", regardless of where it actually takes place! I was much more comfortable being able to arrive in time for registration and being able to interact with other walkers. Ravi was our "roommate" which is much too long a story to tell here, but he was my self appointed "body guard" when the walk began on Fri morning.

This weekend I did the "hotel" thing; the tent just didn't sound like fun, which it usually is for me, so I figured that maybe I should just listen to my common sense and stay with Bob.

Friday the walk began at the Orange County Fairgrounds and went passed Fashion Island to PCH, onward to Huntington Beach. The weather was clear and in the 60's.

I spoke as part of the Fri evening entertainment, so spent much of my afternoon walking time, thinking about what I would say. Public speaking is not an easy thing for me--actually it is really scary--but I pushed myself to do it, and I was glad that I did that.

My son in law came out Fri night to help Bob hang his signs on Sat. and Sun. morning. On Sat. the weather was overcast with some sprinkles throughout the day--this weather just called for a light weight poncho---some were totally unprepared since there was no rain in the forecast and they were given some pretty stylish black garbage bags that worked to protect them somewhat from the weather! Very creative. We walked along PCH to Seal Beach along the marina to camp at El Dorado Park in Long Beach.

On Sun. we walked through Long Beach to Carson, to the Home Depot Center next to the campus of Cal State Dominquez Hills.

I can't even begin to tell you how many people that I had wonderful conversations with--and because it was the "home" walk and not really so far from my home. So there were friends of my kids that knew me; and patients of my husband; and the daughter in law of a dear friend; many of the 3-Day coaches; many people I have met on other walks; the Hotties from No. Calif. who drove around in their convertible dragging old shoes behind (I would have enough shoes to drag behind a 16 wheeler!); Pretty Woman Guy and Lynne from No. Calif.; Laurie, who writes me before and after every walk I do; wonderful new friends who I hope will stay in touch.

I was surprised at lunch by my daughter Ronda, her husband and 2 of my granddaughters. One of them walked 2 miles with me and the other one gave out candy to the walkers. They were wearing their 3Day sweatshirts and as young as they are, were supporting the event. Wouldn't that be nice if they would never have to know anything more about this disease?

A special thanks to my friends who came to closing ceremonies. That is so cool for you all to really get a little taste of what I have been doing.

It seemed to me there was a lot of energy at this event. But I always think that in LA. I think there is more support here from family and friends than any walk in the country. It always seems that there are more signs, more people honking, more people giving out candy and all around general support.

It was a great event.

I don't remember if I wrote about my bad toe that I was worried about healing enough before this event---but it was healed enough by Fri. to not hurt much and by Sun. it was not hurting at all. The toes will be ready to go by Fri. for the SD walk. Here I come SD.

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