Seattle Breast Cancer 3Day--Sept.7-9,2007--2300 walkers--$6.4m

We did arrive home at a reasonable time last night.  Bob and I went to the airport shortly after I finished the walk yesterday.  Our flight was for 7:30 pm and we thought it would be cutting it too close to stay for closing ceremonies, since it was opening day for the football team, and Seattle is quite the supportive city for their sport teams. We did not want to get caught in what could be, awful traffic.  So we arrived at the airport at 4:30 to be told our flight was not leaving until 9pm!  They managed to get us on an earlier flight which had us almost running to get to the plane while they were still boarding.  We were happy we made the early flight, but, surprise, surprise, my luggage has not yet arrived.  But I did learn my lesson (finally) and carried on my banner with all of my honorees ribbons, and my hat with all of my 3Day pins from the last 3 years walks. So I have my 2 important items (that can't be replaced), as I am now trying to get organized for this weekend which is the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in L.A. I will be wearing my banner!

Some people have asked me about the books that have been published about walkers.  One is: Why We Walk by Deb Murphy and Paula Lerner.  The other is:  Foot Soldiers by Deborah Douglas.  They are both wonderful, inspirational books.

The walk in Seattle was beautiful.  The weather was beautiful and most of the route was great.  The temperature was in the low 70's most of the time. The walk took us around Lake Washington and we also crossed the bridge. We saw some spectacular views of downtown Seattle and walked through downtown on Sun. to the Space Needle. 

On Fri. I talked to Jannell.  She is a massage therapist who moved to Seattle 5 yrs. ago to be closer to her parents.  She changed careers and loves what she is doing.  She mentioned that she would like to make her work even more meaningful and was wanting to research how to use massage with autistic children.  I am sure she will do that or something equally important.  She wants to make a difference.  She will.

A woman started walking with me.  Her name is Terri.  We walked together several years ago.  At that time her husband had recently died and she was still grieving.  She reminded me of that story, which I remembered, and told her I was so happy to see her again. She just married her high school sweetheart 2 weeks ago.  Isn't that a story with a beautiful ending?  I wish you and your husband a lifetime of sharing together.

It was fun to see Jackie from CO here.  She is doing several walks around the country--both walking and crewing.  She is always dressed so very 'pink' and she had on sunglasses that were bigger than her face! She just 'gets into it' and you can't help but feel her energy.

Bob put up pink signs to acknowledge Jan for completing 1000 miles walked for the Breast Cancer 3Day in the last 2 years.  Her son Blake, was walking with her, and we had a sign for him that said "Go Blake".  Happy Birthday Blake.  You are both heroes!

At the end of the day on Sun. I was stretching  next to Tandie.  She is a young woman with a pink survivor hat.  She was diagnosed in Sept. '06 at the age of 37. Her friend, standing next to her, told me that she continued to work through her chemo.  Her friend was very proud of Tandie.  Tandie said she had to stay strong for her 10 & 15 yr. old children.  Aren't I lucky to meet such incredible people?  What strength! Go Tandie!

Wasn't this cool?  Though I wasn't in camp on Fri. night to see this, I did hear about it and I saw the bride on Sat.  A couple got married at the campsite on Fri.  The woman had walked the 24 miles that day, stayed in her walking clothes, and they were married right there.  Isn't that creative? What a great story to tell!

Five of the Redmond Police were walking.  I remember them from last year and they gave out blue bracelets with pink printing that said "Cops for the Cure".  They are a great group and wish we had spent more time talking.  I am impressed with their support for the cause.

At the last mile a young woman came up to me and said she had been looking for me all weekend.  Melinda reads my website all of the time.  She even let me know that when the journal is not up a day or two after a walk she is concerned if I am ok!  I told that to my son in law, since he is the one who takes my writing and puts it on the website!  Anyway, she has been walking for 4 yrs., since her father was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She is looking forward to walking again next year when they will be celebrating his 5th year as a survivor.  See you next year.

On the walks many people wear pictures on the back of their shirts, or messages of some sort in honor of their special people.  This was the tshirt that made me weep, worn by a young man with a 6 yr. old daughter:  I AM WALKING IN SUPPORT OF MY MOM; IN MEMORY OF MY WIFE; IN HOPE FOR MY DAUGHTER. 


Barbara Jo Kirshbaum
"I walk because I can't walk away"