Dallas 3Day--10/26/07-10/28/07  2400 walkers, $6.5m

These computers can just drive me crazy!  We arrived home very late from Dallas last night (Sun) and my computer worked.  I just was on it for a few minutes before I went to bed.  Got up this morning and got the laundry started so I could repack for AZ this weekend and went to write the journal and guess what?  I could not get on the internet--oh, dear, was that frustration for me.  I had to wait until evening until my guru son in law was able to check it out--it took him 3 seconds to solve the problem.  So, here it is, bedtime and I am just starting to write!

The walk in Dallas went really fine.  The first day was 21 miles (on my pedometer), the second day was 21 miles and Sun was 17 miles.  I can't tell you how much easier it is walking 21 miles on the first day than the 26 miles on the Avon walks.  However, the second day seems like forever!  The difference is all in my head and it is really interesting to me how much the brain has to do with mileage!

The weather was great--the mornings were cool, but by afternoon it had warmed up to low 70's.  I would start with 3 layers of shirts and by 10:30 be down to my bottom shirt.  The other 2 would be wrapped around my waist and I would ditch them with Bob when we met for lunch. 

I thought some of the route was boring--kind of looked like Texas--but there were some areas of spectacular homes.  The opening ceremonies were held at Southfork Ranch were the Dallas TV series was filmed in the 70's.

I spent some walking time with Jordan (the 18 yr. old who is walking all 12 events).  She walks with the rep. from ThorLo socks, Lauren.  I love talking with them both, but they have such a fast pace that I know they really have to slow it down to walk with me, which I really appreciate.  Jordan is on a mission to raise 1 million dollars, because her Mom is a survivor.  She has great ideas and is a wonderful young lady and I hope there are a lot of young women and men in her generation like her, working to make the world a better place.  It is such a gift to make such connections.  I just love it!

This was George's celebration weekend. I think I have talked about George before.  He is also walking in all 12 3Days.  He is 75 yrs. old and is such a really nice guy.  But the important thing is that George reached his 1000 miles of walking for breast cancer on Sat.  It was a great accomplishment.

There were 3 guys walking as a team.  Their shirts said they were walking for Cassie.  Cassie was diagnosed in Feb. 2007, and her husband and 2 of his buddies were walking in her honor.  They have 3 young children and she will be undergoing chemo. in Houston for several weeks.  I am sure the support of her neighbors and friends will help and have helped them through this. The guys were having a good time, and a good 'bonding' time together.

I walked with Jami.  She was diagnosed at 31 yrs. old.  She had one child at the time.  She said she had 9 surgeries that first year, including having her thyroid removed.  Then she was on Tamoxifan for 5 yrs.  Then she became pregnant and has a healthy child and her other child will be 16 yrs old next year and wants to walk with her Mom then.  Isn't that a cool story?

Walking with Robin and Martha was great.  I met them at the end of the day on Sat., when the miles were feeling very long and the feet were feeling verrrrrrrrry tired.  However, getting involved in a conversation helped the miles to pass quickly and I didn't notice the tired feet.  Robin was celebrating her 43rd. birthday that very day.  She was diagnosed right after becoming pregnant.  She elected to go ahead with a mastectomy and had chemo as well.  Luke, the baby, was small in weight at birth but caught up very quickly.  Luke is a miracle 2 yr. old now.  Robin wants to make the research available on pregnancy and breast cancer treatment centralized in some way so that women can find information when it is needed.  She had a very hard time finding enough research, and every doctor had a different opinion.  Her friend Martha said that they are even better friends, since Robin's breast cancer, because Robin is much more open to her friends.  I have already received an email from Robin immediately after the walk and I bet she will be walking next year also.  I hope to see you both again.

Jacqueline is from NY.  She is only 26 yrs. old and does 2 walks a year.  Not only that, but she has gotten her Mom to walk in some also.  This walk her Mom was a 'walker stalker' supporting her daughter on the route.  It was wonderful that after the walk she found me and I got to meet her Mom and had time to share a few moments with her.  Jacqueline is an actress and has written plays each year of Why We Walk, and presented the play to raise her money.  Jacqueline says that she is lucky to be healthy and is grateful that she can walk.  She does all kinds of exercise: pilates, yoga, etc, and slack lining!  What is slack lining?  I have to look up that exercise since she said it is great for balance.  I am not even sure I spelled that correct but it sounds interesting.  I thought that I have heard of every kind of exercise, especially living in So. Calif!  Guess not!

A young man walking alone--his name is Young and he is a 24 yr. old student from So. Korea.  He has been in the military in So. Korea but is going to college in Dallas and wants to be a physician.  I had to explain to him my work as a marriage and family therapist!  He had signed up for the walk with some others, but none of them did it so here he was going it alone!  What a trooper!  Another amazing person!

I want to add that Deborah Douglas, my dear walking partner in 2004 and author of the wonderful book Foot Soldiers (if you really want to know what the 3Day experience and survivorship is all about it is a 'must' read) drove in from San Antonio for a book signing and to take us to dinner on Sat. night.  We had a great time and it was so good to see her.  We just picked up from where we left off-----that is the gift of a really dear friend--don't you agree?

Anyway, I really must go finish folding the laundry, and consider getting to bed, since tomorrow is a very long work day.

Thank you for reading my journal.

Did you have your mammogram this year?

Barbara Jo

I am so moved that 3 dear people that I have met on these walks through the years have told me that they are signing up to do the San Diego 3Day in 2008, so they can walk with me on my 100th walk.  That absolutely touches my heart. Maybe Team California will actually consist of more than Bob and myself next year! 



Barbara Jo Kirshbaum
"I walk because I can't walk away"