Cleveland 3Day, Aug. 17-19, 2007, about 1100 walkers 3 million raised

Bob and I never came home between these last 2 walks, but arrived home late last night.  Even though we are home for just a few days, it was really good to be home.  I am actually enjoying doing my laundry and getting ready to leave for the Twin Cities on Thur.!

Leaving Chicago to even get to Cleveland became our first challenge.  We arrived at O'Hare to find out that our flight had been canceled and they wanted to reroute us La Guardia!  Bob would have nothing to do with that idea, and after several other options were discarded like driving from Chicago to Cleveland, we were able to get a flight to Detroit; rent a car in Detroit (because they said it was only 95 miles to Cleveland) and drive to Cleveland which turned into 150 miles of driving.  We figured the 95 mile figure was as the 'plane flies' not going via freeway!  We picked up our son in law who was meeting us at the Cleveland airport and finally got to the hotel with time for a few hours sleep before I was up at 4:30 a.m.

Day one was about 82 degrees, no humidity, beautiful clouds in the sky and a mostly residential kind of walk.  Day two was a little cooler and even better walking weather and again mostly residential. It was a kick looking at fliers on homes for sale to see the prices of property when I compare that to property here in CA!.  Day three was drizzling from the beginning of the day, and continued the whole day!  As a result of all of that rain the closing ceremonies were canceled because the rain was predicted to continue and the ceremonies are outdoors and there was no indoor possibility to relocate.  The walkers understood and I didn't hear any whining!  You just can't control the weather, but the production company of the event has all kinds of alternatives ready for just about any emergency, with the goal of taking the best care of the walkers.  They did just that!

Our son in law and Bob hung signs together on Fri and Sat.  I know they had a great time together and it is always special to have Chris with us.  I was so happy that we were able to pull this off and have the time together.

It was great fun to see Michael from San Antonio.  He is on the motorcycle crew and rode his bike to Cleveland to participate! I thought he said that he rode 2200 miles. I know I will see him again on other events this year.He is a great supporter of the fight against breast cancer.

I also saw Jacqueline again.  I think the last time I saw her was in CO.  She is such a fun lady and told me that she cried when she read about herself in my journal. She was crying as she was having that conversation with me.  She had her usual pink hair, but I missed her mohawk cut!

As we were walking through a residential area on day 2 there was a huge sign in front of a house saying that they were supporting the cause in memory of Karen.  There were a couple of adults outside and about 6 young children.  I yelled across the street to ask who was Karen.  A 6 yr. old boy said " that was our grandmother.  She fought it 4 times.  She was a very strong lady"  I then said "she would be so proud of you".  He said "she is watching over us all of the time".  By then I was crying----

I met Matthew from Michigan. He has created a Men of the 3Day calendar that is quite the calendar!  It is a fundraising for the men in the calendar--I can't get over how clever and creative people are.

My hat is off to the families and friends of the Cleveland walk.  There were very large cheering sections every day, but I was so impressed that even on Day 3 with all of the rain they were sitting in their camp chairs with their big umbrellas cheering us on.  What great support!  Go Cleveland!

Time to fold the laundry and repack everything in their plastic baggies!

Hugs to all of you.  See you in the Twin Cities.


Barbara Jo Kirshbaum
"I walk because I can't walk away"