AZ 3Day--Nov. 2-4, 2007  2100 walkers; $5.6m raised

I can hardly believe that I am home the same day as a walk.  Though we drove to the AZ 3Day we just arrived back home at 8 pm.  Actually that is because we left immediately after I finished the walk, and did not stay for closing ceremonies.  It feels really, really, really, good to be home! even though I just realized that I will just be here for 3 days--time to do laundry, repack, and work for 2 days.  I am not complaining because I really love everything I am doing. 

On our drive into the Phoenix area we stopped and visited with my brother in law and sister in law who live in the area.  Our plan had been to spend a few hours 'antiquing', but I was so worn out that Bob took me to our hotel and then he went out to dinner with his family.  I needed some quiet so it was perfect.

The weather for this walk was hot.  I actually thought it was in the 80's and kept thinking that I was grateful that it wasn't hotter.  Well, actually it was hotter.  It was in the 90's, but at least there wasn't any humidity.  I was at a couple of places today where women were just dropping--I assume from the heat and being dehydrated.  One young woman was having a panic attack.  Both situations ended with a trip in the ambulance for the walker.  I am sure if I saw 2 of these, there were many others. 

This was a different walk for me, in that I spent almost all 3 days walking with Jordan, the 18 yr. old who is walking all 12 events, and her trainer/mentor Lauren, from Thorlo Socks, a sponsor of the 3Day.  Usually they walk much faster so that they are pounding the pavement for a lot less time, but this weekend was different.  What was so special was to have so much time communicating with of them, including Jan, Jordon's mom.  It is amazing how connected we all became.  We laughed that it really was like walking with 3 generations and thought we weren't the same family, it definitely felt like 3 generations of family.  It was a very meaningful weekend, though different for me. I enjoyed being with them.  Bob walked about 26 miles this weekend which is way more than usual. 

I enjoyed the route, but AZ just doesn't have much shade and barely a tree!  It was fun walking through ASU since one of my kids graduated from there and it brought back memories of taking my first born to college.  Oh, dear, can I remember the feelings and stress of that weekend.  Now, one of my granddaughters is almost college age!  Yikes!

Linda, from SD was crewing hydration at lunch with her sister and daughter Shana.  Linda will be walking in her 12th event next week.  She is so special, but we don't get to talk too much when we are on the same walk because she is such a fast walker!  Hugs to you and it is a treat seeing you and your family each year.

Also, my email stalker, Laurie, was crewing this event.  I know I have written about her before, but she emails me before and after every walk I do and she has been doing that for many years.  Such a special lady.

I am trying to talk to people and get ideas from people r.e. my fundraising push to get to one million dollars by next year.  I know that will take on a life of it's own soon (or maybe it already has)....I have already signed up for 15 walks next year, so that I can reach the 100 walk goal in 2008.

I am sooooooooo tired.  And the shower is calling me.

Hugs to everyone, and thanks for reading my journal.




Barbara Jo Kirshbaum
"I walk because I can't walk away"