Breast Cancer 3•Day--July 21-23, 2005--2400 walkers--$6.5 raised

It's after 9 p.m. in Seattle and it's still light outside! There were 61 miles of hills, probably more than any walk ever, even in San Francisco. Going down the hills was actually harder on my body than going up. There was rain on Fri. morning until about lunch. Now I had raingear and almost all of the locals were unprepared and wore garbage bags, or nothing for protection--go figure! They said it was not supposed to rain so they weren't prepared, but I was!! The rest of the walk was in the 70's.

I met Cindy and B.J. on Thurs. at the Ontario Airport. It was a great kick off to meet them at the get-go and talk about 3•Day experiences. I did end up seeing them several times during the weekend. Usually it was when B.J. went whizzing by me!

Also, there were huge and fabulous cheering sections in Seattle, and there were people out at 6 a.m. on Sun morning. I have never seen that kind of support. Go Seattle!!

At lunch Bob thanked a man who was a crew member for picking up trash. He turned out to be Bill, who my son in law bought a drink for in 2002, when Bill had forgotten his wallet. Bill and his wife Jeanne have sponsored me every year since, even though we had never met. Go Bill and Jeanne!

Enjoyed seeing Shirley and Henry Sitron again. I look forward to seeing you in Philly!!

At one of the cheering stations a woman stopped me. She was Jami, my tentmate in 2002. I could not believe she recognized me. Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding!

I walked with William. He was wearing high boots because they were comfortable (they didn't look one bit comfy), a kilt because he said it was cool, pink hair because it brought attention to the cause, and he was carrying a full backpack to slow him down. Because he was 'slowed' down I was able to walk with him and find out what a great guy he is. Thanks for the good works you are doing and for making a difference in the world.

It was great seeing Linda from SD and hope her Mom, Bubbie the Clown, has a good recovery. See you in SD. Go Linda!

Loved seeing Laurie, my wonderful e-mail stalker, crewing this event. You are such a great role model for your great daughters!

My last story is of Diedre. She came over to me at dinner to let me know that she bought a bracelet for herself and 4 of her new friends in 2002. The 5 of them have remained friends and when they are together they wear their bracelets to remind them of the bond they share. That story touched my heart and brought me to tears.

I feel very proud to have completed my 51st walk for breast cancer. I am noticing that I write less about the cities and more and more about the people, but so much of the walk is about the people.

P.s. Mon. a.m.

I was going to type this up at the business center at the hotel, but their computers were down. So Bob and I went for a bagel. A woman, Mary, was wearing her 3•Day shirt. Out of 2400 walkers, I had walked with her on Fri.! I couldn't believe that. She was with her friend Mark, who had flown up from LA to support her. We chatted until we had to leave and left with hugs and 2 new friends. What an extra gift! Thanks Mary and Mark! Seattle would be a lovely place to live!!

I have 7 weekends off and then there will be 5 walks in 6 weekends from Sept to Oct.

Thanks for reading my journal



Barbara Jo Kirshbaum
"I walk because I can't walk away"