Breast Cancer 3Day--San Diego--Oct. 14-16, 2005

4200 walkers--raised $10.3 m

It seems odd to be writing this journal from home. Usually I am sitting at the airport or on the plane when I am writing. However, since this was a relatively close walk (2 hours away), we drove and are now home.

I was asked to participate in the Preamble at Opening Ceremonies. I always enjoy that and my son waited for me so we could begin the walk together. He was my team member for these 3 days and he really watched over me. I am sure I was never out of his eye sight, even though we weren't next to each other a lot of the time.

The ceremonies were inside a building at the Del Mar Fairgrounds--4200 walkers and 400 crew created quite a sea of humanity gathered for the sole purpose of making a difference in the fight against breast cancer. The walk was around water most of the day--first next to the ocean and then along Mission Bay. The weather was about 83 degrees and people thought that was pretty warm--I guess that is all relative!

Day 2 was about 69 degrees and overcast--certainly nice weather for walk. Ronda and her daughter came down to support David and me. They actually walked a bit with us and stayed for the evening program, because they knew I was speaking for a few minutes. It is always an honor to do that.

Sunday's weather prediction was for rain--my rain jacket was wrapped around me most of the day or in the car with Bob (nearby), and the skies were dark several times and a few sprinkles, but it didn't actually rain on us until we were in the car driving home. And then it was incredible lightening and thunder most of the way home.

I met Dick at Opening Ceremonies. He was participating in the ceremonies also. He was a man about my age, and had lost his wife this last year. I know he was very touched by the ceremonies and I would like to have spent more time with him, but never ran into him again.

Jennifer (a pharm. rep in our office) and her friend Janine participated in the walk. We finally connected with them on Sat. but by Sun her cell battery had run down and we could not find them. We did see them at the very end walking to get their luggage. Good job ladies---you did it!!

As we were milling around in the holding area at the end, I saw George. I had met him previously in MI and he is 73 yrs.old. He will be doing the AZ walk next weekend. He is also one of the people who is showcased in the "Why We Walk" book. He is a great role model.

The community support for this walk was unbelievable. I think it was the most of any walkI have done. There were people giving out candy, stickers, water, spray sun tan lotion, water sprays, lemonade, fruit, ice and cookies. They were not official participants, but people who wanted to do something. Also there was a team from Boston, The Wild Women; a huge group from SF, the SF Hotties; the San Jose Police bicycle force, who were official participants. And my very favorite street supports were the Hookers for Hooters from SF, led by Maria (a 2x survivor), who drives and sings into a megaphone at the same time. They all dress like Hookers and on Sun they were their pajamas. They were a riot and made me chuckle every time they drove by. Another support group was the Healy family, Dan, Teresa, Moose and friend Dan. Dan will be in AZ this weekend and I look forward to his hugs! Smile Guy was there with his daughter, Little Grin. I have seen them for many years supporting this walk. There were lots of cute themes for sweep vans, but the one that I remember most was:the ‘Itty Bitty Titti Taxi!’.

Those were some of the highlights off the top of my head. The next and last walk is this weekend in AZ. Hope to see some of you there.



Barbara Jo Kirshbaum
"I walk because I can't walk away"