Breast Cancer 3Day Kansas City--June 17-19, 2005--900 walkers--2.4m raised

Oh, I am so grateful to my body for getting me through my 48th walk for breast cancer. I cannot believe it myself and I certainly do not take this challenge to my body for granted. I don't know if this walk wasn't quite as tough on my body because I took more Tylenol, stretched more frequently, used Biofreeze on my hip joints at every pit stop, or had the correct pads on my feet/toes. Whatever it was, I will continue to do the same next week and hope it works!

According to my pedometer this was definitely another bigger challenge than I would have liked--70 miles! The weather was in the 80's and I didn't notice too much humidity. It was plenty sunny and many people were sunburned and had the heat rash on the back of their legs--a very common occurrence.

Kansas City is really a lovely city--at least the parts of it that I saw. We walked in lots of new areas that all had names, and some older areas with spectacular homes. All of the office buildings, churches, and temples seem to be built on huge pieces of property--very different than in CA.

The people were great, but I think that most people doing these kinds of events really are great--that's why they do them! Many people commented to Bob about his pink signs, so he got a kick out of that.

I met Kelly, who at 31 yr. old was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two years later it was in her spine and she was treated for that, and recently spots were found again. She was walking with her Mom and girlfriend and was waiting for test results this week. Kelly, you are a real hero and you have touched my heart.

Pat, an orthopedic surgeon from Michigan was walking for his sister in S.D. who is a survivor. Most of his family lives in Kansas City so I had the opportunity to meet all of them. What a great family and so supportive. I look forward to seeing him in MI (if I do that one) and definitely in SD.

Joe has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. As he was researching that he found out about the 3Day and decided to participate. He is having surgery on Tues. I wish him well. Maybe he is the one to create something for men to participate in for prostate cancer, since that seems as rampant to me as breast cancer.

A special thank you to Kim for walking a couple of pit stops with me on the last day. I appreciated getting to know her, and I wish her well with her health challenges. Go Kim!

I have changed plans for next week. Instead of doing the 3Day in Minn. I will be going to Denver for the Avon Walk, since my body will probably appreciate walking 2 days instead of 3. So, now I have 5 days to recover, instead of 4.

Hugs to all of you,

Barbara Jo Kirshbaum
"I walk because I can't walk away"