Dallas/Ft.Worth Breast Cancer 3Day-- June 10-12 1535 walkers, 345 crew, $4.2m

According to my pedometer I walked 71.5 miles from Fri. a.m. through closing ceremonies on Sun afternoon! What can I tell you--that is a lot of miles in 3 days (on a 67 year old body!) with temperatures about 95 degrees and humidity about 80%. This was a walk to remember the slogan that 1000 miles begins with one step, because I was aware of each and every step!

This was the kick off event of the Breast Cancer 3Day. The opening ceremonies were very moving and I was invited to participate in that part, which is really fun for me.

Thurs. when we left from the Ontario Airport, the gentleman who helped us with our luggage commented on my 'breast cancer stuff' so I told him what I was doing. He said that he had brain cancer 3 years before and told me his story as he walked us to security. I asked him if he would wear a breast cancer pin, which I gave him, and he said, "cancer is cancer". He was one of my inspirations as I took each step in Dallas. He was an incredible part of beginning the weekend journey.

Another special bonus of the weekend was meeting with Dr. Deb, who walked all 10 walks in 2004. She flew in from San Antonio to have dinner with us. It was so great to reconnect with this incredible lady, who is writing a book on breast cancer survivors.

The first day I met a young man, Joe, 17years old, who had decided to do this walk as a Xmas gift to his mother, who is a survivor. Isn't that amazing? What a young man! He certainly will go places and make a difference in this world. And lucky me, I was able to meet his mother at closing ceremonies.

Mary Jane, who was my tent mate in 2002 did this walk. We spent several hours together and just picked up from where we left off 3 years ago. How fortunate I have been to meet such wonderful people.

Also spent time walking and talking with Susie and Diana. Susie is a 7-yr. survivor and I appreciated her sharing her story with me and sharing some of those long miles.

On Sat. we had a time after lunch where we walked through an exclusive area. A man was walking across his front yard and asked us if there was anything we needed. I said 'no', but asked if he would like to make a donation--what do you think? --He went in and brought back a $25 donation! I chuckled about that for a few miles.

It's amazing that I feel ok right now (Monday morning)--maybe I say that every time! Well, one of the reasons I do this is to see how much my body can take--and I am doing that! I really feel great. Can not really believe it! The human body is amazing!!

I have 4 days to recover. Leave for Kansas City on Thurs, to walk in the next 3Day. (I am in the middle of doing laundry and re-packing!)


Barbara Jo


Barbara Jo Kirshbaum
"I walk because I can't walk away"