Avon 39---D C---May 6-7, 2017,  1700 walkers---raised $4million---1130 first time walkers---overcast and rainy----oldest walker 78 yrs old (guess who?)...62657 steps

David and Tami came with me to the DC walk to carry on Bob's tradition of putting up motivational pink signs for the walkers.  They did a great job and I knew if I had any emergency they were there.

My friend Teresa from New Orleans met us there and she was my walking partner. Both of her children are on the youth crew in Santa Barbara again this year, so she is leading by example and her children her already working at making the world a better place.

I was told by the Avon39 staff that there would be a new option for fundraising that would launch in May...I am really excited because it gives everyone an opportunity to raise money for the fight against breast cancer without having to walk at all!  It is a program that will be individualized so one can send emails, have parties, do almost anything they decide with the support of a specially designed Avon website to fit their needs...I was excited because I plan to continue walking and fundraising but have always wondered how I could continue fundraising if I was no longer any of you reading this who would like to fund raise for this cause on my behalf I hope you will be in touch with me to see how this will be possible....especially so many of you have asked over the years how they could help me fundraise without walking....please be in touch if this sounds exciting to far my donors have contributed over $2,060,000 in the last 20 years to the fight against breast cancer...

I walked with Ayisha....she was diagnosed at age 34 when everything was going great in her.....feeling great and in a great relationship.....all of which shattered at diagnosis.....she went through 7 months of treatment, and a year ago she married a man she met after treatment....she was doing this walk with her girl friend to challenge herself....

I spoke with a 24 yr service woman who when she was diagnosed had excellent care in the service....she had great medical benefits and she was doing this walk for all of the others without such benefits.

One of the blessings to me of doing these walks is reconnecting with friends from 'this' part of my all know who you are...seeing them and conversing with them is always so amazing to me even though often I have forgotten their names and which walk we met, but I always remember their story and how that story touched my heart....I have been aware of that same feeling when I post something on facebook and I realize the number of people that acknowledge those posts and my memory of each of those is such a sweet part of this experience for me....

Thank you for coming to my website and reading my journals...

I thank all of my donors who are absolutely making the world a better.

I will be walking in SF in July and SB and Sept.....there is plenty of time to donate since my fundraising seems to go on all year nowadays!


Love and appreciation,

Barbara Jo


"I walk because I can't walk away"