Avon Walk for Breast Cancer--Boston--May 19-20,2007, 2800 participants, raised $6.3m

Welcome to my Boston journal!  And as much as I hate talking about the weather, I just can't resist when it is Boston.  It seems that the line here is that if you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes!  I must say that it actually never did change in the next 5 minutes, but remained overcast, drizzly, wet for the whole time that I was walking on Sat. and Sun.  I was grateful that it wasn't a total downpour, however, being from California, I was prepared for the downpour!  The joke to me is that since my Boston walk in 2002 when I got caught in the snow and was totally unprepared, I now am prepared for almost any weather.  The locals are not always prepared, which is always funny to me, but I am.  Now, mind you, the clothes that I take to be prepared have never been worn in California.  In California I should be doing the 'rain dance' for rain; we need it so badly here.  The temperatures were from the 40's up to about 60's; so the morning on Sat was pretty cool and I had on 4 'wicky' layers of clothing and then my raingear on top of that.  Also, it is the first time I wore my 'Sloggers' (a rubber shoe that fits snuggly over the tennis shoe) for 2 full days.  I think my feet were less sore at the end of the walk because it gave another layer of cushion that I was walking on.  The soles of my feet always hurt after 40 miles, since it is so much walking on cement, and that just 'beats them up'! Anyway, this morning my feet are feeling pretty good, though I am wearing a 'dressier' tennis shoe to work this afternoon, just to baby them for a day.

We arrived on Thurs. and met friends for dinner.  He is actually the brother of my dear friend in CA.  So we have been meeting this couple for several years, when we come in for a breast cancer walk.  It is then so hard to believe that another year has past but the nice thing is to just pick up from where we left off the previous year.

I spoke with Eric and ran into him several times during the weekend.  He was walking for his wife who had just completed her chemo.  She is starting her radiation treatments this week.  Eric was so determined to walk all of the miles in her honor.  I wish her strength to deal with the rest of her treatments.  Eric, thanks for sharing some time with me.

The Men with Heart team was out in full force.  They are an incredible group of men who get stronger in numbers every year.  I met them in 2002 and they are heroes on the route and in this fight against breast cancer.  The do fundraisings during the year and participate in the 3Day walks as well.  They are just a fabulous group of young men.  Congratulations to Scott (he is one of the team captains) and Kristen on their forthcoming marriage. 

I saw Lori, who I walked/talked with last year at the Boston 3Day.  She and Matt were getting married and we spent lots of talk time last year.  She was out supporting this event. She has now been married a year  I look forward to seeing her at the Chicago 3Day this year. 

On Sun. I spent most of the day talking with Martha (an 8 city walker).  Since we were all leaving on early flights we took her to the airport with us.  We were not able to stay for closing ceremonies, but it so much less stressful if we are leaving on Sun night, to get to the airport early.  I just realized that I will be leaving early after the Chicago walk, so I am not sure when I will actually see closing ceremonies.  That really is a special part of the weekend and really brings all of your emotions and feelings to the surface and it is a definite reminder of what we are doing and why.

I was not able to wear my ribbon banner this weekend, because I could not risk it getting wet/damp even tho I keep it covered in plastic.  I hate not wearing it!  But the banner was in my carryon duffle, so the people I am honoring, were still with me in Boston.  Don't hesitate to send me names of people you would like me to honor with a pink ribbon on the banner.

Thank you for reading my journal.  Onward to Chicago in 2 weeks.

Barbara Jo

Team California
"I walk because I can't walk away"