Avon Walk for Breast Cancer--DENVER--June 25-26, 2005--600 walkers--raised $1.5 m

Though I wrote this last night at the Denver airport, as I am typing this I am feeling very relaxed and very tired. I didn't sleep well Fri or Sat nights and it is amazing that this ole body can walk so much on such little sleep. I wonder how that works!

When we arrived in Denver we immediately went to see our dear friend Carol. She drove us around like tourists--which is what we were! And it was enough for Bob to get his bearings and he was able to get us around the rest of the weekend. I actually heard him giving directions to other people! I don't know what I would do without him--well, yes I do--I wouldn't do this--the logistics of getting around in every city would have me overwhelmed! I can walk and raise money, but the logistics part--not for me!

On Fri. Bob and I walked around near the hotel. There was an outdoor shopping/eating district that went on for several blocks. We visited the convention center and their Blue Bear was being installed. It is a huge art piece, 40 feet tall, with the bear on its hind legs looking into the convention center. We took a picture and didn't realize how spectacular it really was, because in the photograph there was reflection of the bear, so it looked like 2 bears looking at each other. The special treat of all of this was the artist, Laurence Argent, was there and we had an opportunity to chat with him. The bear is blue to represent that Denver has blue skies 340 days of the year!

This was a beautiful walk and Denver is a great city--views of the Rocky Mts. with snow and the most incredible clouds in the sky all of the time. The temperatures were in the 80's and the locals appreciated that it wasn't hotter though there were afternoon thunderclouds. Actually the skies were really interesting with the thunder. The walk began and ended at Washington Park. We were told that it was the most expensive property per square foot in Denver.

On Sat, at the 20-mile point I met Angela. She is a 26-yr. old and the mother of 2 daughters. She was waiting for the 'sweep van' to take her the last 6 miles. After hearing how old I was she decided to keep going. What a wonderful young woman! When she finished she wept over what she had just accomplished. She is a great role model for her children. Angela, you are proof of the 'power of one'!

I walked with Greg, a 41-yr. old bachelor, who had no personal reason to be doing this kind of event. He just wanted to 'give back'. He was by himself because none of his friends would join him. I was very impressed with him and his commitment. I hope this kicked off your vacation in a great way. You really are making a difference.

Well, I have one weekend at home and then it is off to SF. I cannot believe this, but the Avon Walk SF will be my 50th event for breast cancer since 1998. See you in SF.


Barbara Jo Kirshbaum
"I walk because I can't walk away"