Avon Walk Chicago--June 4-5, 2005

2400 participants, $5.2 m raised; 45 Barbara Jo miles (according to my pedometer!)

Guess where I am? O'Hare airport in Chicago waiting for our flight home to LAX. I have just finished walking the Avon Chicago walk and what stands out in my mind at this moment is what a beautiful and interesting city this is. Friday, before registration, we walked to 2 of the highlights of the city: The American Girl shop and Garretts Popcorn store! Guess what we bought? That's right! Bob and I were thinking that this would be a great place to bring the grandchildren since there really is so much to do here. I don't think I was aware of that when we lived here for 4 years, when Bob was a student.

As I am sitting here trying to write my brain feels like mush and I am having a hard time concentrating. I just ran into Susan, another walker, at the airport. She is returning to Kansas City after completing all 40 miles with her daughter. She was hurting and had on flip-flops, but she did it! Go Susan!

I guess I should at least mention the weather. About 2:00 on Sat. there were thunderstorms and hail. We had to stop for a few minutes to be sure it was safe to continue. The temperature was 81, the warmest day of the year, with humidity at 90%-100 %. That is my most 'unfavorite' weather!

We started and ended the walk at Soldier's Field. The Wellness Village was in West Rogers Park, and even though I didn't stay at camp, we drove around the area, because that is exactly where we lived many years ago--it caused a flood of memories--where have all those years gone?

My body seems better than 2 weeks ago--it is still tired but not in pain and my hips don't hurt--what was different? who knows?

Spent a few minutes talking to Joe Torres. He lost his fiancÚ several years ago to breast cancer and he walks every year. Go Joe!

Also had the opportunity to talk to Steve. He was walking with 2 friends of his wife, who died 3 years ago at the age of 33. Thanks for sharing your story with me and thanks for the blister pad.

Thanks to all of the wonderful people that shared a moment with me. You have enhanced my life.

4 walks down--12 to go--Dallas here we come!!


Barbara Jo Kirshbaum
"I walk because I can't walk away"