Avon Walk for Breast Cancer--Charlotte, NC--April 16-17, 2005

Bob and I are sitting in the Charlotte Airport waiting for our flight to LAX on Sun night. We were both asking each other about the highlight of this walk--we both agreed that the walk itself and where it went was wonderful. But before I tell about that I will say that I have been very nervous and apprehensive about this walk for weeks. I am always concerned that I just can't do this anymore, but guess what--I did it--all 91449 steps of it!

Charlotte is a beautiful city--at least where our hotel was located and where the route of the walk took place. We went through incredibly lovely residential areas on both days. These homes had huge expansive front yards and no fences between homes, as we have in most areas of California. Dear friends of ours flew in to support my efforts and that is always special.

Had the opportunity to talk with Don, who was walking for his wife Karin, who has been in treatment since Aug. I also was fortunate to meet that beautiful woman, when she came to support her husband. Good luck and good health to both of you. Then there was the Mash Team who I met at dinner on Sat. Of their 9 members, 8 of them are survivors. It was a thrill to talk with them. Go ladies!

By the way, the weather was great--at least for walking. It was very, very brisk in the morning and then warmed up--(not warm, but warmer!)--by afternoon.

The Charlotte staff did a great job with their first walk.

I have raised $74,000 so far for both organizations. I will continue to fund raise until the walks are over in October.

Well, one walk down and 15 to go! DC here I come.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me.

Barbara Jo
Team California
"I walk because I can't walk away"