5/14-5/15/2005 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Boston; 1700 participants; $4.1 raised; 47 miles (Barbara Jo's pedometer)

The Boston experience has the particular challenge to Bob of just being able to drive around to get where we need to be! Somehow it seems that the city has been in a general state of "under construction" and in addition to that there are many one way streets (going the same one-way!) and streets seem to go in circles and on diagonals! It took us 1 hour to go 7 miles and we asked 5 people for directions, as well as looking at a map. Everyone was very helpful about giving directions, but it just didn't seem to help, though eventually we did get to where we needed to be--

For 3 weeks before this event I checked the weather--I don't know why I bother because I am going to walk regardless and I am prepared for almost anything-- nevertheless, I knew that rain was predicted for Sat and Sun. Fri. was beautiful and Sat was clear and cool. Sun was overcast with about 2 drizzles! So, though I am prepared for any weather, it certainly is easier not to have the added challenge of rain. As one of our signs says: "You can't control the weather!"

My focus in Boston was very much on where I was walking--I don't mean the cities or communities but the ground cover--whether I was walking on sidewalk, blacktop, bricks, or gravel. I do not want to fall on my face. So that concern and carrying on conversations with other participants and being aware of some blisters and hip pain, was mostly what I noticed. However, Bob reminded me that we started at UMass, went to the Boston Seaport, across the Longfellow Bridge to Cambridge, Arlington, Camden and through downtown Boston to end up where we started at UMass.

Kudos to ‘Men With Heart’ and their 31 walkers who not only walked but totally supported all of the other walkers. You are heroes in your yellow shirts and I look forward to seeing you every year.

Harriet asked me how I could motivate myself to walk in 16 walks this year. Now, mind you, she is a 4 year survivor who continued training right after surgery with drains still in, which she said she tucked in her sweat pants! Talk about motivation. I think she is the one who has motivation. Go Harriet. It was an honor to share time with you.

2 weekends home and then it is off to Chicago and several back to back weekends.

Thanks so much for reading my journal.


Barbara Jo

Team California
"I walk because I can't walk away"