The new purple pedestrian bridge across the Ohio river.
Cincinnati--May 17-18, 2003

Bob's (the pink sign man) description of the walk:

The walk began by crossing the Ohio River on the first suspension bridge built about 1840. It became the prototype for the Brooklyn Bridge. The walk continued through Northern Kentucky and then crossed the Ohio River again into Cincinnati on the new purple pedestrian bridge; through business areas, and passed Xavier University. The Wellness Village was at a fairgrounds. Sunday's walk continued by the University of Cincinnati into downtown, passing Fountain Plaza and into Paul Brown Stadium for closing ceremonies. All in all it was a very pleasant route.

Barbara Jo's description of the walk:

The walk began with Opening Ceremonies at Paul Brown Stadium. The minute we left the hotel it started to rain and it rained most of the day. I got very proficient at getting my rain poncho on and off, folding it up and tucking it into the back of my Camelbak, just to reverse that procedure several times during the day. But, you know what---there is nothing I can do about the weather, so I just keep walking! The effect that the weather has on me is that if it is snowing (Boston--2002), or raining I will sleep at the hotel with Bob! So much for the weather! This was the smallest walk that I have been on and you know what---that doesn't matter either (except that you don't raise as much money), because, as long as I am meeting new people, hearing their stories and walking, I am a "happy camper". It seemed to me that I spoke to so many young survivors---their stories just grabbed at my heartstrings and I was pretty emotional on Sunday. It again reminded me why I am doing this and trying to raise so much money. I loved the Cincinnati walk and thank you to everyone that was so kind and talked with me. Each of you has enhanced my life.

As you can see from Bob's description and mine that I hardly notice where I am walking---I am fairly certain I did not even see the things Bob wrote about because when I am talking with people and concentrating on not stepping into a hole. I don't necessarily see the bigger environmental picture----I do however, get the big picture about why I am walking and raising money!

Closing ceremonies
Sandy and Barbara Jo    "All 8 walks"