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As I begin thinking about my participation in the fight against breast cancer for my 17th year, I can hardly believe that number....18 years....who would have thought that when I began this challenge in 1998 that it would become a long term commitment, a passion, and a family endeavor......who would have thought that I would walk over 6850 miles in 142 long distance walks...and more importantly who would have thought that I would raise over $1.69 million with a goal of $2,000,000!......I am also sure that none of my donors thought that they would become a serious philanthropist in this fight....but the facts are, that is what has happened....

My reasons for continuing to participate have just continued to grow....this began as a physical challenge....could I walk 60 miles at age 60? was about having 3 daughters and having 5 granddaughters and my concerns for their was about raising money for research and access to care ......and specifically when my husband Bob was diagnosed with esophageal gastric cancer that had already metastasized to his liver, he asked me to keep walking and raising money in the hopes that the research to treat breast cancer is helping other cancers....Bob died on May 6, 2010 and I continue to honor his memory with every step I walk and every dollar I raise...

If you would like to be one of my amazing donors for 2015 you may click 'make a donation'....though as of this writing I am not certain which Avon walks (there will be several) I will be participating in, donations can already be can check back and 'follow my progress' to see which walks I will be participating in....also, I write a 'journal' after each walk which is also available on this website....

I wear a banner of ribbons on my back attached to my camelback water sponsors' names are on white or blue ribbons....if you would like me to honor a special person, their names will be on a pink ribbon....please send me the names of those you would like me to honor....I wear the banner, which is almost as tall as I am, with great pride and with a deep sense of responsibility to those I am honoring...

I thank all of you for your support and for being amazing are all the best!


Barbara Jo

 Barbara Jo Kirshbaum
"I walk because I can't walk away"


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