Barbara Jo Kirshbaum

Marriage and Family Therapist

8283 Grove Ave. #201

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730;


February, 2008


Dear Friends,


As I begin my 11th year of walking and fundraising in the fight against breast cancer, I certainly have asked myself, ‘why am I doing this’? Some of my reasons are: to raise awareness by reminding women to do self exams and to have regular mammograms; to raise money to provide for research and access to care for the underserved; and to provide hope, and choices for the 213,000 women and over 1400 men who will be diagnosed in 2008.


My personal reasons for doing this are to complete ONE HUNDRED WALKS and raise ONE MILLION DOLLARS since 1998. I have committed to walking in 15 long distance walks in 2008. I will be walking in all 9 Avon Walks for Breast Cancer (40 miles each), with the Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade as the beneficiary and 6 Breast Cancer 3Days (60 miles each), with Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the National Philanthropic Trust as the beneficiaries.  This is my walk schedule: Houston Avon, Apr. 12-13; DC Avon, May 3-4; Boston Avon, May 17-18; Chicago Avon May 31-June 1; Rocky Mtns. Avon, June 28-29; SF Avon, July 12-13; Chicago 3Day Aug. 8-10; SF Bay Area 3Day, Sept. 5-7; LA Avon, Sept. 13-14; Twin Cities 3Day, Sept. 19-21; NY Avon, Oct. 4-5; PA 3Day, Oct. 17-19; Charlotte Avon, Oct. 25-26; Dallas 3Day, Nov. 7-9; SD 3Day Nov. 21-23. When I walk the 15th walk in San Diego, I will have completed 100 long distance walks for these foundations. By that 100th event I will have walked over 5000 miles in the fight against breast cancer.  I have so far raised $850,000.


Several people have already asked to join Team California (my team name) to walk the 100th walk with me.  I feel extremely honored that other walkers want to share this goal.  I am hoping you will want to share the fundraising goal with me. Some donors have already donated in creative ways. Someone has donated stock; some have doubled their usual donation; some donors are funding a whole walk ($1800 for Avon; $2200 for the 3Day). One donor said she will ask 10 of her friends to donate and another said she would send my letter to every one in her address book. Some donors  are accessing matching funds where they work. Will you join me in raising ONE MILLION DOLLARS?--$150,000 to go!  Every donation makes a difference.  I would be extremely honored to have you share this goal.


Enclosed you will find forms for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and the Breast Cancer 3Day.  Please fill in whichever foundation you prefer to support (or both!) and enclose your check (s) and return to me in the enclosed envelope or mail to me at the above address. You may also donate online by going directly to my website, and click ‘make a donation’.


I will wear a banner on my back while I am walking those 720 miles.  The banner has blue ribbons and white ribbons with the name of each of my sponsors.  I also wear pink ribbons with the names of the people you would like me to walk in honor/memory of.  Please write their names on the bottom of this letter and return it to me with your check.


Please remind all of the women in your life about their yearly mammogram and regular self examinations.  Remember men get breast cancer too.  Early detection is our best protection.


Thank you for joining with me, ‘ONE HUNDRED WALKS/ONE MILLION DOLLARS,


Barbara Jo Kirshbaum

“I walk because I can’t walk away”

Team California


Please wear a pink ribbon in honor/memory of:______________________________________________