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As I begin my 11th year of walking and fundraising I am reminded of why I continue to do this. My universal reasons are to be certain that there is money to provide access to care for the underserved in the breast cancer population; to be certain there is money for research that is necessary to increase the survivor population; and to raise awareness by talking about the fight against breast cancer.  On a more personal level, I am continuing to do this because of the challenge I have in 2008.  My plan is to walk in 15 walks this year (9 40 mile walks for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and 6 60 mile walks for the Breast Cancer 3Day.  That will be 720 miles of walking this year.  I will surpass 5000 miles walked since 1998. On my 15th walk I will reach my goal of one hundred long distance walks in the fight against breast cancer. I have raised $856,000 in the past 10 years.  It is my goal to raise $154,000 more to reach ONE MILLION DOLLARS.  I invite you to join with me in reaching the ONE MILLION DOLLARS.  You may support either foundation (or both!), by clicking Donate.  For Avon, please make donations to the LA event and for the 3Day, please make donations to the SD event.   If you would like me to wear a ribbon in honor/memory of someone, please send me their name.  I wear the banner of ribbons on my back every day.  I wear the banner with great pride and with a deep sense of responsibility to those I am honoring.  Please remind all of the women in your life about regular self exams and mammograms.  Remember, men get breast cancer too. I will continue to update the funds raised/needed throughout the year on this website.  Thank you for partnering with me in this effort.

Nov. 24, 2008    I have just completed my 100th long distance walk for breast cancer, with the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and the Breast Cancer 3Day. The total raised since I began this journey is $1,026,000. It has been an amazing adventure. I will continue in the fight against breast cancer, as I move forward on my commitment to walk in 2009 and my goal to raise even more money........that dollar goal has always been to raise as much as I can. Thank you for your support and for coming to my website. Remember: self exams, and mammograms. Remember: men get breast cancer too.


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